We offer personal training in Bangkok and online coaching, using efficient and effective approaches to our training methods, and use our very own web app to track each of your workouts to ensure you make continuous progress.

Our ultimate goal

As personal trainers, we try to do our best to give our clients the results that they want, in the most efficient and enjoyable way possible.

We use scientific and realistic approaches in our client’s exercise programming so that they benefit from lasting long-term progress, such as:

  • Using free-weight, machine-based and/or aerobic exercises depending on the client’s needs/goals
  • Focusing on strict form and building a foundation for movements instead of simply going as heavy as possible
  • Linear progression, periodisation and micro/macro cycles as clients become more advanced
  • Improving mobility to ensure exercises can be performed safely and efficiently
  • Using our own personal trainer web app to track all aspects of our client’s workouts, body measurements and nutrition to ensure that they’re headed on the right track
Coach Vishal's physique transformation
Coach Vishal's physique transformation.

Ready to get started?

We offer one-on-one personal training services in Bangkok – for more information, check out our personal training in Bangkok page. If online coaching is what you’re after – we offer that too! Check out our online coaching page for more information.

Client Testimonials

I've had the pleasure to train with Vishal for more than a year: as a personal trainer, he has changed my perception of working out. Due to my office job, I have problems with my posture, but Vishal and Lotta helped create a custom training program to address my personal short-comings. I've never been so strong and healthy - both physically and mentally.

Over the course of the first 6 months while training with Vishal 3 to 4 times per week, I was able to gain 6kg of lean mass. When I started, I needed the thickest band to assist me with pull-ups, but afterwards I could do 10 of them with 12kg of added weight, and I could squat over 100kg for 5 reps while weighing 73-74kg. I never would have thought this was possible before!

It's money well spent and I continue to train three times a week.


Training with Vishal for the past 2 years has been an absolute pleasure. His excellent technical knowledge on the fundamentals of health and fitness, as well as his kind and motivating personality, made it so that every PT sessions was something to look forward to, not dread. I believe he knows how to push you to do your best, without taking you past your limits.

Vishal has single-handedly helped me develop the fitness skills and motivation required to maintain my physical health now that I have moved away for University, and I am confident that anyone training with him will come away with the same result.

Always a smiling face, I would wholeheartedly recommend Vishal as a personal trainer.

Cedric Bridger

A little over a year ago I decided to finally get back into shape, I had not been in the gym for a few years and being an athlete when I was younger I wanted to achieve the same level of fitness I had 20 years ago. I started out on my own looking at programs online and diets and after a few months of struggling I decided it would be better to seek out someone from the industry that knew what they were doing. I was introduced to Vishal and we worked out an arrangement for him to help guide my training online. It was the best decision I ever made and Vishal's guidance has been invaluable.

He helps adjust both my programs and my nutrition on a weekly basis to keep me moving in the right direction and it has not been an easy road! I had significant challenges dropping body fat in the beginning, I also had injuries that I had to work around when we first started not to mention several weeks without a gym due to Covid resulting in home workouts. Vishal was able to adapt and make changes to the exercises and nutrition which helped me continue to improve my strength and fat loss despite the challenges. Another big improvement has been in my conditioning, I didn't realize the importance of conditioning exercises until Vishal included them as part of my program and I was able to recover faster and workout harder! We have been working together now almost 8 months, I have lost 20lbs of body fat all while improving my strength and conditioning in the gym which is not an easy task and I have Vishal to thank for that!

If you are thinking about getting in shape don't do it your own, your results will be much quicker and more transformative if you have someone like Vishal to guide you through and also help with the many ups and downs you will face. It takes dedication and commitment to your training and your nutrition but Vishal's knowledge for me has been the key ingredient, I can not say enough about the positive impact he has had on my fitness journey!!!

David Roberts

I had been one of those guys who has gone through the cycle of doing any and all types of classes to having a more focused approach with a personal trainer. Results had been mixed. Vishal and I began our sessions a few years ago. I was in need of increasing my strength as well as my overall fitness level. Time to get serious. Age, coupled with an extensive business travel schedule, really thwarted my attempts at establishing a consistent routine.

Vishal took up this challenge by first understanding what I wanted to achieve, what I had been doing in the past, and quite frankly, how dedicated I was to making a change. He's been diligent, methodical, patient and professional. With my aspirations in mind, he designed a routine aimed at building up my strength, focusing on big body movements coupled with enough conditioning to where I started to really see (and feel) some gains. He has challenged me. He has taken the time to monitor my progress, never going too far, but constantly pushing for that extra bit, that extra effort.

His delivery and approach to fitness is holistic. It includes the right amount of advice & guidance for the actual time spent in the gym but he also brings a wealth of knowledge regarding nutrition and diet. The full package for someone looking to take steps in the right direction or to kick it into the next gear.

David Ramon

I’ve been strength training with Vishal for over a year! Despite being involved in many different sports, I have never been a gym goer and was really nervous about it but Vishal is so friendly and accommodating that these nerves disappeared instantly.

I’m not going to lie - it’s been tough but then it’s meant to be! We discussed together what my goal was and started to move towards achieving it! Vishal takes the time to know each individual and understand what motivates them! He can tell when to push me and when to back off. He sets me so many little challenges that I always felt like I was achieving something! I have always been my own worst critic but Vishal is so motivating that I would always find myself laughing about what was making me mad!

I’m also VERY accident prone. Vishal worked around all my injuries and usually cared more about making them worse than I did! He made sure that I still made gains despite the injuries! He even worked with me via zoom during lockdown to make sure I didn’t lose all the things we had been working on!

I think I told him I hated him or swore at him at least once per session but he just laughed and kept pushing me! Honestly, couldn’t imagine training with anyone else!

Laura Anne

I have been training with Vishal for almost 4 months now. Before this, I had always avoided weight training; knowing very little about the right techniques, and lacking confidence to go alone into the gym to use free weights or similar equipment. I knew about all the benefits of weight training, and wanted a stronger leaner body, but was unsure where to start.

Vishal is extremely knowledgeable and has stacks of expertise, with a background in bodybuilding along with many other disciplines. He has helped develop a personalized training program for me, and the details of every session are super easy to access on his website. I’m also tracking my nutrition and body weight on there too.

My confidence has increased a lot, and Vishal definitely pushes me harder to achieve stronger lifts and pulls than I ever thought I could do (I’m more than capable of lifting even heavier, apparently - so he tells me!). He deserves a medal for listening to me moan each week, but I do appreciate his patience and understanding, and am really seeing the benefits. I definitely recommend training with him at Synrgy!

Zoe Edmunds

Meet The Team

Vishal Haria - Personal Trainer in Bangkok

Vishal Haria

Half Indian / Thai Speaks English

  • FiTour Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Spartan SGX Coach
  • Olympic Weightlifting Level 2
  • 2nd place Thailand Throwdown 2020 Scaled Division
  • 1st place AFC Men’s Physique 2016
  • 3rd place Sports Expo Men’s Physique 2014
  • Competed in Baam Classic Strongman event

From a young age, Vishal was always a skinny kid, one who played a lot of sports but was never muscularly developed. After reaching his late teens, Vishal embarked on a journey to achieve a better physique through exercise and a better diet. By educating himself on effective training methods, Vishal has been able to obtain the knowledge necessary to make the best progress from his potential. This didn't happen straight away as he made a lot of mistakes along the way - but can use his experience to make sure you don't make them too.

He has competed in 9 men’s physique competitions, winning his first one at the Asia Fitness Conference in 2016. He has also competed in several obstacle course races, a strongman competition, and a CrossFit competition. Using his knowledge about training and nutrition, he is able to properly adjust both according to his goals and needs.

Using his knowledge and experience, Vishal passes on what he has learned to his clients so they can achieve their goal physique through efficient training programs and solid nutritional guidance.

Lotta Lemon - Personal Trainer in Bangkok

Lotta Lemon

Half Swedish / Thai Speaks English / Thai / Swedish

  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
  • Olympic Weightlifting Level 2
  • 4th place Thailand Throwdown 2020 Scaled Division

Lotta grew up being very active, from playing basketball to her weekly dance practises. While she didn't have a problem gaining too much weight, she was very thin and this became a problem after she was involved in a motorcycle accident. Her doctor told her that after she leaves the hospital, she should try to build muscular strength so that her body could recover well.

Lotta started her fitness journey with traditional strength training, but eventually fell in love with what made her such a huge proponent for fitness - CrossFit. Since then, Lotta has competed in her very first CrossFit competition, partipated in various obstacle course races, and other fitness challenges with hopes that she can inspire others.

Lotta believes in each and every one of her clients, that no matter where they start, they can achieve what they want as long as they put their minds to it and put in the work. Her approaches to fitness focus on strength, conditioning, mobility and perhaps most importantly - enjoyment. Lotta firmly believes that her clients should throughly enjoy their workouts, while performing exercises with good technique and progressive overload, so that a solid foundation can be built and progress can be made in the long-term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we get from clients.
For more information, please contact us.


I'm a woman and don't want to get too bulky, can I still lift weights?

Yes of course. Lifting weights does not necessarily make you bulky - eating more food than you burn off will cause you to gain weight. Strength training while controlling your diet is one of the best ways to get a lean physique.


I want to make some drastic improvements to my physique - is this something you have experience with?

Our personal trainers are serious athletes as well as coaches. They have competed in various events and have made serious changes to their own physiques in the process. We believe that personal trainers should walk the walk if they talk the talk.


I want to get stronger/fitter for my sport, is this something you can help with?

Yes it is! To be good at a sport, you need to practise it regularly and for a long period of time. To be great at a sport, you need to work on other factors such as strength, cardiovascular output, muscular endurance, etc. depending on the sport. We can help you with this.


If I want to train at my condo, can you come to train me there?

This is possible, though it depends on your location and each package price will need to be adjusted based on this due to the extra time and costs for commuting.