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Are you looking for personal training in Bangkok? If you're a beginner, someone who goes to the gym without a plan, or have a trainer who isn't getting you results - we can help.

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Do you go to the gym but have no idea what to do, so you just do... anything?

This is actually pretty common, and it's usually because you don't have a proper program to follow, so you end up doing things you think you should do.

Tracking workouts is REALLY important

If you or your trainer isn't tracking your workouts, how would you know if you're making progress or not? Is your squat today any better than it was 6 months ago? And if so, by how much?

At Synrgy Fitness, we believe in tracking all things fitness and nutrition related that our clients do so we know where they are making progress and where improvements can be made.

That is why we developed our very own mobile app to do just that - it's called Synrgetic.

Log every workout

We keep track of every exercise, weight, number of reps, and rest times, plus anything else such as how the client felt on that day.

Client workouts

Our clients can track their own workouts too! That's actually how our online coaching works with them leaving feedback for us and vice versa.

View purchased packages

All packages our clients buy can be seen in their account. This includes how many sessions are remaining, the price they were bought for, and when they expire.

Session calendar

Our coaches book sessions using their calendar, and each booking shows up in the client's one. Plus, you can sync the calendar directly to your device!

Track daily changes

Track your body weight, measurements and more. All data is shown in graphs which makes it easy for you or your coach to analyze and see where you could improve.

Exercise tracking

Our exercise philosophy

Keep it simple while it works

There are a lot of people who do complicated, or even sometimes dangerous, exercises to reach a certain goal. If another exercise that is much simpler can get you to that goal - which would you choose?

Focus on compound movements

While isolation exercises such as bicep curls have their place in a good workout program, compound movements such as squats and overhead presses hit many muscles at the same time, so they're especially useful for busy people.

You can't target fat loss

It isn't physically possible to lose fat in one area of the body. If somebody tells you that you can - run! Body fat reduction needs to happen all over the body at once by being in a caloric deficit - burning more than you eat.

You can't out-exercise a bad diet

You would need to run for around 90 minutes at a steady pace to burn 1,000 calories but just eat a cheeseburger and fries and you'll consume 1,000 calories - which one is easier to do?

Ready to get started?

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