Personal Training in Bangkok

Are you looking for personal training in Bangkok? If you’re a beginner, or someone who goes to the gym but has no real plan, or has a trainer who isn’t getting you the results you really want, then we can definitely be of service to you.

Our philosophy

Keep it as simple as possible while it gives results, only when it no longer does should it change or become more complex.

We’ve all been victims of doing strange and infinitely complicated exercises in order to "confuse" our bodies so that they improve, but it doesn’t really work like that. We want to get the most “bang for our buck” which usually means focusing on the main compound lifts for building a solid strength/movement foundation, and then working on any weaknesses or areas that need improvement with more specialized exercises.

An example of this could be doing hundreds of reps of abdominal exercises with the goal of getting a "six-pack" which would definitely build muscular endurance but if body fat levels are too high, then the goal becomes almost unattainable. A much better alternative would be to build abdominal muscle mass with a few exercises done regularly using linear progression (increasing intensity/sets/reps) over time while simultaneously controlling nutrition to lower body fat levels.

The majority of our training style is strength and conditioning based, but we are also specialized in circuit-training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), increasing muscle definition and tone through hypertrophy and nutrition, mobility focused exercises and improving weak areas and muscle groups.

We offer one-on-one personal training in Bangkok at both IQ Fitness and Iron Hive gyms. For more information about pricing and the location, visit our personal training packages page or contact us to get started on your fitness journey!

If you feel you don’t need one-on-one personal training in Bangkok but could do with training and/or nutrition programming with weekly updates, our online coaching services might be for you.

Tracking Is Important

Does your current personal trainer track your workouts, nutrition, and other measurements?

We believe that keeping a log of each workout, each exercise and their respective sets, reps, weights and rest duration is vital in making sure that our clients are actually making progress. How would you know if the weight you can squat for 5 reps today is more than what you did 6 months ago if you didn’t?

We have developed our own web app that allows our personal trainers to create an account for each of their clients. It is still new and we are constantly working on improving it and adding more functionality to it. We believe it is a great tool that can hugely add to the service we provide our clients. So far, it has the following functionality:

Log every workout

Personal trainers can log each workout a client completes, including every exercise (weight, number of reps, number of sets, rest duration, etc.) plus any notes about the workout, e.g. the client’s motivation level.

Client workouts

Clients can view each completed workout with their personal trainer, and can record their own workouts completed on their own, e.g. as "homework".

View purchased packages

Purchased packages will appear in each client’s account, and are displayed along with the total number of sessions, how many are remaining, plus dates of purchase/activation/expiry.

Session calendar

Sessions can be booked between the client and their personal trainer using the calendar in their accounts. Email notifications are sent to clients, so there is no need to ask your personal trainer if you forget.

Track daily changes

Clients can track their daily body weight, body fat percentage, muscle mass plus nutritional information. All data can be viewed on the built-in graph, which is a great help to our personal trainers for analysing if any changes need to be made.

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